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There are lots of speakers who can speak on depression, on overcoming drug addiction, or on the topic of personal empowerment. There are lots of adventure speakers who can entertain us with the stories of their travels into far flung places.

There are few, however, who can do all of the above; who can take us into the inner landscape of our psyches and teach us how to tap into the power that lies within each and every one of us.

Rave Reviews

“We loved your presentation and we loved you.”
Elaine Spencer, MSW, RSW, CASWC
“For everyone who suffers from depression, addiction, mental illness… you need to hear Margo’s talk and how it saved her life. For everyone who doesn’t … you need to hear Margo’s talk for the excitement your life just might be missing.”
Gayle Robinson, Owner
“Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy and story with the Base Camp community. The impact on the kids was life changing, and the stories I heard heart warming. You truly made a difference.”
Carolyn Godfrey, Manager, Base Camp


Presentation Titles

  • All That Glitters: A Climbers Journey Through Addiction and Depression
  • Cold Passion
  • Psychic Landscaping 101

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