“All That Glitters” by Margo Talbot

In All That Glitters: A Climbers Journey through Addiction and Depression, world-renowned ice climber Margo Talbot shares her compelling story of healing and self-discovery amid the frozen landscapes of the planet. Rescued from the depths of drug addiction and crime by the lure of climbing frozen waterfalls, Margo rises from the brink of suicidal depression in a jail cell to being envied by a client in Antarctica for having a “dream life”.

“All That Glitters” is a story of healing and redemption; a story about losing oneself, and then finding one’s way back home.

Published June 2011 by Sono Nis Press

“All That Glitters” chosen as a FINALIST at Banff Mountain Book Festival!

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Rave Reviews for All That Glitters

 “This inspiring real-life story shows us that our lives’ biggest challenges can also be our greatest opportunities for personal growth, transformation, and enlightenment. Margo is magnificent!”

Bill Phillips, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Body-for-LIFE.

“All that Glitters is a shining example of hope, and the words literally sizzle from the pages to one’s heart. This book will save lives.”
Elaine Spencer, MSW, RSW, Dept of Social Work, Red Deer College

“This is as much or more a story of climbing from the darkness to the light as it is of climbing mountains. Climbing is hard, but this remarkable story proves that the most
difficult place to find is not a distant summit but peace with the savage terrain between our ears.”
Will Gadd, Top climber, speaker, author, and risk manager.

“Margo’s story inspires us all to never stop believing. To question that which doesn’t make sense. To know in our hearts that there can be a happy ending; if we’re prepared to look for it…”
Warren Macdonald, A Test of Will

“This disarmingly frank self-portrait of a life almost off the rails is a roadmap to redemption”
Greg Child, Over the Edge

“The glittering eye of the addict, the glittering gold of the drug-runner, the glittering ice of the frozen waterfall-any of these can kill. How did Margo Talbot survive such fatal attractions? It’s one hell of a story.”
Ben Gadd, Raven’s End, Handbook of the Canadian Rockies

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